How I Work

We focus on made-to-order remodels of residences and estates. We specialize in re-design of Executive suites inside interesting commercial properties. We set the background of your life with an ordered, practical and beautiful plan for your space and then design the details of your walls, windows, floors, ceilings and whatever is attached to them.

We provide the well-orchestrated execution of your vision with our team of expert artisan craftsmen, gleaned over years of professional relationships and will be onsite, handling every detail, as your home is built. Our firm also works well colaborating with your architect to help you choose materials, hardware, finishes, fixtures and all of the other specifications for your home.

We will often recommend the custom fabrication of your sofa, built-ins and case goods because they will anchor your room in a way that nothing else can. Not only will each piece be specified to your home’s unique layout, but the pieces will also have the added value of being built to suit your taste, and to last.