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Nina Williams earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design at the Design Institute of San Diego, and started her career with legendary designer Steve Chase at his firm in Palm Springs. Her first Project Management job was the L.A. corporate office of singer Johnny Mathis. Nina also worked with Mr. Chase for philanthropist Joan Kroc, who contracted many projects, local and abroad. One of Nina's most memorable ventures was the creation of a cave room, which entailed combining unusual elements to build a theatrical den-like space for lounging and entertaining. In 1989, Williams founded her own firm near the ocean in Solana Beach.

Nina is inspired by the intricate and ever-changing patterns of nature. Her passions reside in absorbing the colors, textures, and other natural elements of everyday living and seamlessly incorporating them into each unique project.

Her atypical approach to all of her designs shows her childhood influences, wherein she was surrounded by the juxtaposition of classic and modern architecture in Palm Springs of that era.

Though Nina's broad design background includes executive offices, yachts, and aircraft, today her passions focus on facilitating clients in attaining their ultimate vision.

Williams has designed primary and holiday homes across the globe. Today, her focus centers on clientele in North County, San Diego.


Let your watchword be order, and your beacon beauty.

- Daniel Hudson Burnham, Williams' great-great-grandfather


I was born in San Francisco and grew up in Palm Springs in a mid-century, ranch-style house on the hill. My dad and I used to ride our bikes around, checking out job sites after work hours. If you ever saw American Gigolo, that house was being built then, and I also watched the 1978 Lautner house go in, and remember when Arthur Elrod was starting as an influential young designer.

Our family were architects and that’s all we knew and loved. My great, great grandpa was Daniel Hudson Burham. He architected the master development plans for many cities: Chicago along with its "1893 White City", Manilla and Washington DC, including DC's Union Station. He also designed the Flatiron Building in New York City along with many others. His two sons, Daniel II, and my great grandpa Hubert, were the architects who built the Carbon & Carbide building (now the Hard Rock Hotel) in Chicago.

My grandmother and great grandpa were always talking about architecture. She bought and renovated houses — leaving notes on people’s door asking them if they wanted to sell — and then flipped them. I always knew I would be a designer and I lived with her most of my life and while I studied interior design in college.

History and legacy are important to me. I’m interested in the big picture of your home — the bones, grounds and structure — and will help you curate your collection of furnishings, antiques and art over time. Like my great, great grandfather, I believe that space must be ordered and the beauty will come from that organization, it just makes sense. Like him, I also love working on projects with a wild scope, that seem impossible to do. With the right plan, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished. 


How I Work

We focus on made-to-order remodels of residences and estates. We specialize in re-design of Executive suites inside interesting commercial properties. We set the background of your life with an ordered, practical and beautiful plan for your space and then design the details of your walls, windows, floors, ceilings and whatever is attached to them.

We provide the well-orchestrated execution of your vision with our team of expert artisan craftsmen, gleaned over years of professional relationships and will be onsite, handling every detail, as your home is built. Our firm also works well colaborating with your architect to help you choose materials, hardware, finishes, fixtures and all of the other specifications for your home.

We will often recommend the custom fabrication of your sofa, built-ins and case goods because they will anchor your room in a way that nothing else can. Not only will each piece be specified to your home’s unique layout, but the pieces will also have the added value of being built to suit your taste, and to last.